Meet the Instructos

Goga's Instructors


Hometown: Detroit, MI 

Favorite Goat(s): Impossible question… because I love them all uniquely. But Kit & Kat were my first loves <3 Those classic troublemakers…

About Alyssa:

  • I graduated from Michigan State University in 2015 and then moved here a few years ago for school and have been loving it.  I am currently a full-time medical student at the U pursuing an MD degree. 

  • My hobbies include traveling, exploring all things from new cuisines to new places, volunteering, being outside, spending time with friends/family, anything involving animals, and of course yoga/GOGA. 

  • Through yoga, I have discovered my own strength as well as how to maintain balance in my life… And GOGA allows me to combine nearly all my favorite things.

  • My favorite part about being an instructor of Goga is watching people of various backgrounds and experience levels come in & step away from their busy lives to just stretch/flow, laugh/breathe, and interact with the animals & fellow gogis in a fun and welcoming space. 


Hometown: Ogden, Utah

Favorite Goat(s): Can’t decide. They are all too cute!

About Tamara:

  • I was born and raised in Ogden, UT, and spent most if my life in the area, except when my job sent me to Okinawa, Japan for two years.

  • I work full time at Hill Air Force Base, as a planner for incoming and outgoing planes.

  • My hobbies including running / Walking marathons, knitting, crocheting, stained glass, and gardening.

  • I have my RYT-200 as a yoga instructor and am working on my RYT-300.  I sub for a studio on South Ogden and working on teaching trauma yoga in Kaysville.

  • Goat yoga is a wonderful way if blending my love of animals with my love of yoga. Each goat has a unique personality that adds to the experience!!


Hometown: American Fork, Utah

Favorite Goat(s): I love Roxie and her chin hair.

About Kess

  • I am currently enrolled in Lone Peak High School.

  • I have two other jobs as a Salsa maker at Meier’s and a CNA at Highland Glen.

  • I enjoy going to hot yoga and I’m a teacher’s assistant for the yoga class at my school. I love rock climbing and going up the canyon.

  •  I love telling people about goga and having them look so confused but desirous to try it.