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How to Redeem Your Coupon or GiftCard


If you have not yet purchased from a coupon vendor, please do not do so now that you know there are cheaper alternatives. Instead text (208) 971-0268 with the coupon price and we will match it.

These instructions and associated images may seem to be applicable  only for Groupon purchases on smartphones.

Please remain calm and do not panic.

This 15 step walkthrough can apply to all redemption options and situations. Read on…


The format of our website AND Groupon are universal across all electronic devices. 
(In other words, each will work and basically look the same on a laptop browser as they do on the iPhone browser or app.)


–> If you are redeeming a Groupon purchase start at step#1 and go through to step#15. 

–> If redeeming a purchase made from a coupon vender* other than groupon, start at step#1 and go through to step#15 modifying as needed.

–> If you are redeeming a GogiGiftCard* purchased from or a discount* given away by the GogaGuys, skip to step#7. 

*for any redemption other than Groupon, simply use the individualized code the same way the instructions use the Groupon Voucher.


On the bottom panel of the front page, select the rightmost tab titled "My Stuff".  


Select the "My Groupons" tab at the top of the menu.  


Depending on how hardcore of a couponer you are, there may be varying amounts of Groupons in this section.

Whatever the case may be, you will need to locate and select your Goga Groupon.


Here you will fins some basic summarized information.

You will soon see nothing here is necessarily valuable. (detailed info for Goga will be found on our website in just a few more steps)

Go ahead and get to the only needed detail by clicking the green "View Voucher" button.



Before leaving this page, don't forget to push the green "Mark as Redeemed" button.

--> this won't interfere with redeeming your purchase. Just an essential step that needs to be done at one point or another.


Now you need to head over to

As soon as you are at the front page, click on the blue centered "RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW" button.

--> *click the above image to be taken directly to the website*


You will be directed down to the page with the upcoming schedule (usually about a month out).

Scroll through these different sessions and find the day and time that best fits your schedule.

To continue to the next step you'll need to click on either the picture OR the date and time caption.


This will take you to the respective event page.

Here you will find all the needed info about the Goga session.

As you scroll down you will find the price of your chosen session.

--> If your Groupon purchase was under $15, it is for a weekday session (Mon-Thu). --> If it was between $15-$18 you made and anyway purchase. --> Due to popular demand, we've given the weekday only passes a $15 value. --> In other words, if you decide you want to do a weekend session but only purchased a weekday Groupon, you can put it towards the weekend cost of $18 and pay the additional $3 here on the website upon checkout. --> This will all be made more clear in Step#12


If the initially chosen session is still the one you want, your next step is it to "Add to Cart" the actual pass to said session.

As the picture directs, click the blue button.


As soon as you've added the purchase to your cart, a "View cart" link will appear under the "ADD TO CART" button.

Click here to be taken to your cart where you will be be prompted to enter the voucher code (NOT THE 18 CHARACTER GROUPON CODE!) from Step#3.


Here is where the Groupon voucher will be entered and applied

1) enter in voucher from Groupon
(remember... its not the 18 character code)

2) click the blue "APPLY COUPON" button


If you then scroll down, you should see the initial cost and the subtracted amount of the Groupon, giving you the final total.

By selecting the "Proceed to checkout" button you will be taken to the final step.

--> For questions or concerns about pricing, please refer to details in the footnotes of Step#8. These should answer any questions you may have.


Enter the needed information on this final page.

Review the order to make sure all is accounted for.
Then select "PLACE ORDER"


Get ready for truly one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

We can assure you that no matter your mood or attitude when you come, you will undoubtedly leave happier than you've been in awhile.

What more can you ask for?

Any final questions? 

Well then go back to Step#1 and figure out what you did wrong. 

Because these instructions are about as good as they come! 

But if you really do have a question that needs answering, give us a holler — we’d love to answer it for you!

text Benson

(208) 971-0268

or email Derek