Meet the GogaGuys


The creation of Goga began as most great ideas begin – while goofing around with a buddy


Weiser High-School Prom 2010

Co-owners of Goga, Benson and Derek, grew up together in small-town Weiser, Idaho. Despite their couple year separation and their choice attend different colleges, the two have remained friends as the years have passed. While spending an afternoon together near the end of 2016, catching up as friends do, a news story featuring a unique form of yoga tickled their creative minds.


Benson Richardson

Being a boy from Idaho, one can safely assume Benson spent minutes, hours and days hanging out on a farm. His family owned a hobby farm that included horses, cats, chickens, and yes – goats. Four of which goats he would milk every morning for several years. Little did his parents know buying and encouraging exposure to these goats would play a part in the budding of Goga.

Following his childhood in Idaho, Benson moved to Utah to attend BYU, where he is pursuing certification as a real estate appraiser and studying Urban and Regional Planning with a minor in business management.

As Benson immersed himself in college life, he soon realized he needed a way to manage the stress and pressure school ensues. He began to seek such relief through activities like biking, running, meditating, and yoga-ing. Little did he know these stress outlets were yet another step closer to the birth of Goga.

Benson, with the help of his girlfriend, manages the website, social media, and PR/marketing of Goga. You will see Benson before, during, and after the class opening up, welcoming, and closing.

In moments of free time Benson enjoys adventuring, boating, shredding the slopes, spending time with family, and/or chowing down at a local buffet.



Derek Westover

Derek enjoyed spending time on his grandpa’s 20,000-acre farm and ranch where he learned to work hard and how to raise animals. His love for goats came about when he decided to buy a small herd of fainting goats and Boer goats in high school; a learning experience, which made him want to continue finding a way to have goats wherever he was living, and with whatever he was doing.

Derek attends Utah Valley University, planning to major in Community Health with an emphasis in Health Services Administration and focusing on senior care, namely assisted living and memory care.

A good friend with a French Bulldog and two miniature horses introduced Derek to animal-assisted therapy. He has seen firsthand what a blessing animals are and how they can make a difference in anyone’s life.

Derek and his wife, Randee, care for the goats and count the “kids” as their own. You will see them before, during, and after the class leading the goats, providing and encouraging the best gogi / goat interaction possible.

They love to spend time with the goats, ride their horses, and adventure with their best dog friend, Maggie.