Schedule a Private Session

Schedule a Private Session

Private sessions are our favorite kinds of groups! Everyone knows each other and all are ready to laugh together.


So if you are wanting to schedule a time to laugh with your friends/family, here are the details:



What is the Cost? 

  • We charge $15 a person* for weekdays and $18 for weekends
  • The minimum size of your group must be 30 individuals. 
  • There is a base fee. This cost may vary as this charge covers transportation costs, maintenance, and convenience.
 *includes all participating persons over the age of 10.

Where are the Classes Held?

Where the class is held is entirely up to you. We have held classes on private tennis courts, backyards, and in city parks (with prior permission, of course). The only 3 things we ask are:
  • It is your private property OR authorized by owner/public representative.
  • The area is enclosed, to keep the goats safe from hazards (cars, dogs, etc).
  • Owner of property is aware that the goats like plants… especially colorful ones.
*If you don’t have a location to host the group, that is ok. Our venue is available to use.


What Dates/Times are Available?*

Most weekends (excluding Sunday) work best for private groups. However, if weekdays work better for your group, let us know. We will align our schedules and make something work.

Now What?

If you would like to schedule your private group, email us at

Include in the email:

  1. The estimated size of your group
  2. Your location
  3. Desired dates (day/time)

The goats look forward to meeting you!