The Sodas (moms)





Dew is sure to put a smile on your face! Her little tail starts wagging when she sees someone in a yoga pose as she figures out her best angle to leap up. Her favorite part of class is all the jump time she gets while she makes her way from back to back. Yoga is a challenge, but Dew will make you forget about it the difficulty her outgoing personality.








Pepper has a face that everyone falls in love with. Pepper is very easy-going and has a happy-go-lucky attitude. She tries hard to make our Gogis happy whenever she can…even if that means missing a step and tumbling over. She’ll just get right back up again and try harder!








Pepsi loves to cuddle…once she’s done playing! Although she’s not the youngest, we refer to her as the “baby of the family”. She loves to run fast, show off, hop around, and get into trouble! It’s impossible to not love her when she jumps up into your lap for a quick snooze.








Fresca is “the independent one”. She’s usually off to the side on her own at the pasture and she isn’t afraid to explore on her own either. But once class starts, she’s in the middle of it all, hopping from back to back, heart to heart.









Squirt can be found climbing over whatever Gogi is closest. She is the boss of the little herd and fights for a spot on the back of students. She’s always ready for a scratch on the neck.









Sprite wanders the entire time during the class from Gogi to Gogi, looking for pats and scratches from down on the ground. She is very relaxed and fills the relaxation part of the yoga all on her own.









Coke is one of a kind! She is a little scared of people, but once she gains your trust she may not leave you alone!





The Old Grumps



Betty, Little Buddy, and Zowo are the adults of the group. Though these three rarely attend classes, they are the mentors of the 7 GogaGoats and therefore are greatly appreciated.